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Without trying it before, the octopus is one of the most intimidating dishes for many people. In a lot of cultures and places around the world, eating octopus is a foreign concept and something many people may be hesitant about.

If you’re building up the courage to try octopus out for yourself and see what does octopus’ taste like, you’ve come to the right article. Not only in this post will we explain what does octopus taste like, but also give you a better idea of what does calamari taste like, what is octopus food called, and overall what you can expect when eating octopus.

Octopus Dishes

Octopus Dishes
Image Source: My Recipes

In some countries more than others, an octopus is a popular dish. Especially in countries like Portugal, Korea, China, and Japan, an octopus is commonly found in a variety of different octopus dishes.

In Japan specifically, a popular octopus food is called Takoyaki. In Korea, the same dish is called Nakji bokken. This octopus dish features octopus chopped and served in a stir-fry.

To learn how to make Takoyaki – check out this recipe tutorial from Cooking With Dog: Takoyaki and Ebiyaki Recipe:

Octopus is extremely popular because it’s low-calorie meat with a lot of benefits and nutrients. Octopus contains a lot of selenium, iron, Vitamin B-12, and protein. Selenium specifically helps protect your cells in your body from any damage and Vitamin B-12 helps with the production of red blood cells.

All these benefits sound pretty great so it’s no wonder why a lot of dishes incorporate octopus. However, even with knowing all these benefits, you still might be curious about what does octopus taste like before giving it a go.

Don’t worry – we’ll tell you right now!

Octopus Flavor

When it comes to taste and texture octopus tastes similar to seafood like lobster, mixed with chicken. As people would assume from the appearance of octopus that it’s very chewy and slimy meat. If you experience octopus in this fashion, that means it wasn’t prepared correctly.

Octopus is supposed to be tender in texture and juicer as well.

A lot of people mix up calamari and octopus since squids and octopuses seem more or so like cousins to us humans. If you’ve never had calamari before, you may be wondering what does calamari taste like? Calamari or squid is a bit tougher than octopus and has a completely different flavor than an octopus. The two, if prepared correctly, shouldn’t taste similar at all.


If you’re wondering what does octopus taste like you may be shocked to know that octopus taste isn’t very strong and it actually doesn’t have much flavor. Octopus tends to take up the flavors from the ingredients and sauces that you’re cooking with. This makes it very similar to chicken that is rather bland until you add additional spices and sauces to it.


Although octopus doesn’t taste like what does calamari taste like, it can have a similar texture. Oftentimes octopus is described as chewy, but not too chewy. If prepared properly, octopus shouldn’t be overly chewing like a candy.


When prepared correctly, octopus shouldn’t have that strong of a odor as well. You would expect with other types of seafood that octopus would have some kind of odor, but if anything it’s very mild, especially compared to other fishy seafood smells.


Octopus tends to more expensive than other seafood on the market today due to its being seen as a delicacy in many countries. Especially with the fact that you need to cook it in a precise way to get it’s distinct taste and texture, cooking octopus is an art on its own.

How to Cook Octopus

So now that you’ve learned what does octopus taste like and what popular octopus food is called, now it’s time to learn how to prepare some octopus dishes yourself.

As we mentioned above, cooking octopus is almost like an art of it’s own. It needs to be seasoned correctly and cooked in the right conditions to get the texture and flavor as desired. This is why it can be rather difficult to product the perfect octopus dish. We’ve included some tips below to help you attempt your best octopus dish.

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Purchase Already Clean Meat

Cleaning octopus is one of the most difficult parts of preparing. Although it’ll be more expensive, purchasing already cleaned octopus is well-worth the price as cleaning it is extremely difficult.

Cooking Methods

There are a couple common ways to cook octopus. Slow cooking octopus on a low heat or extremely quickly at a high heat are the most popular cooking methods. Depending on your dish will determine which cooking method is right for you.


To avoid getting hard or super chewy octopus meat, using boiling water to blanch your octopus meat will help to avoid this from occurring.

Fresh is Best

With most meats, fresh is best, especially when it comes to octopus. When purchasing octopus is best to get the freshest octopus you can find. You will notice a huge difference when it comes to flavor and texture and coverall octopus taste.

Don’t Stress About Smell

Especially if you’re cleaning your octopus, you may notice a smell. We did mention above that octopus doesn’t have much of a fishy smell, and this is true when cooking. That being said, you may notice a smell when you’re cleaning it if you don’t already buy it clean. This smell will disappear once you start cooking.



Overall, we hope this post helped you when it came to not only learning what does octopus taste like, but what is octopus food called, where in the world is it popular, and the difference between what does calamari taste like.

If you give it a try, we believe that it may be your next favorite dish!