Many people prefer having a humidifier to help increase moisture within the house or a particular room. Single rooms use the point-of-use humidifiers while furnace humidifiers humidify the whole house. Usually, the latter is connected to an HVAC system to moisturize the entire house. Larger HVAC systems are applied in industrial and commercial settings.

Maybe you’ve heard or seen accidents involving humidifiers. Some may be ugly scenes to behold, making you think otherwise on why you need one in your house. All this is sorted out. Provided the device is carefully handled and placed, you shouldn’t worry anymore.  

First, for a memorable experience with your humidifier, you need to understand the humidifier purpose. Such knowledge will give you base on where and how to use the appliance. The specific number of people and the room size are factors to consider to enjoy the device.

Purpose of a humidifier

Most people prefer using warm mist humidifiers. The purpose of a humidifier is to heat water within the gadget to release the mist into the air. Ultimately, this warms the air in the room. On account of how this electrical appliance works, it can be significantly risky using it next to your bed.

The temperatures in the appliance can get so high, especially when water attains its boiling point. Quite dangerous, right? The humidifier could easily topple while you are asleep, or you can also knock it over while sleeping. In case it falls on the bed or the floor and breaks, hot water can spill over. Who knows where the water will land? Such an unfortunate occurrence could cause harm, like sustaining burns on your body. That will be tragic indeed, not to mention the shock you will have to cope up with.

From the above narrative of the purpose of a humidifier, you can almost conclude how hazardous it can be to have a humidifier next to your bedstead. It could appear to be small and elegant yet still dangerous. Thus, your safety needs to be of greatest priority before and during use.

To achieve maximum protection, you can handle it this way:   


The best place to put humidifier

It is normal to be full of uncertainty on where is the rightful place to put your humidifier, mostly if you a new user. Confusion sets in when issues of comfortable sleep, health, and safety come into question. At one point, you may need insights on the best place to put humidifier.

It is good to make humidifiers appropriate placement in a home setting to enjoy maximal benefits from the gadget. Some people position it on lampstands and others near the baby’s crib.

Among the key reminders when using a humidifier in the bedroom is never to place it next to your bed. It is the same rule to the other rooms as long as they are occupied rooms or are places prone to water spills. Nevertheless, people ailing from flu symptoms and severe congestion should position the gadget a few meters from the bed for the best place to put humidifier.

It is not acceptable to always place your humidifier near your bed. A temporal basis can o, especially if you’re experiencing acute congestion. It is advisable to set the gadget several feet away from bedroom furniture, bed, and all the other furniture affected by mist.

Is it ok to sleep next to a humidifier?

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Some people may ask, so how close should the humidifier be to the bed? It has been proven that having a humidifier in the room improves the sleeping experience by boosting the moisture content in the place. The room occupants, location, and size of the room are factors you need to consider before settling on the humidifier’s placement.

It’s prudent to position the humidifier a few feet away from your bed while asleep on regular occasions. The aim is to ensure the mist is spread evenly across the room to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. However, some humidifiers are noisy when at work, which may affect the quality of your sleep.

How close should humidifier be to me?

On a positive note, heavy sleepers have little or no problems when it comes to positioning their humidifiers next to their beds since the gadget’s sounds won’t disturb them while asleep. However, some brands produce nice sounds while operating.  It would be best if you determine the right proximity between you and the humidifier. Using a hygrometer device comes in handy at such a stage by calculating your room’s humidity amount. It would be best if you positioned the humidifier in a place with low humidity. It ensures that it is appropriately positioned in the right locality.

Will a humidifier work in a large room?

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Someone may ask what if the bedroom is a large room. Well, the number of people room size determines the efficacy of the humidifier. The larger the number of people dozing in one bedroom, the larger the humidifier in use. Large models should be placed in corners approximately three feet or more from the bed.

In case you have some small humidifier in a large room, you can still make some adjustments until it works. Ideally, you can position it adjacent to your bed so that mist reaches you when asleep. The fog may not get to other parts of the room, but as long as it runs and serves you. In such cases, you need to clear the cables and cords areas to avoid tripping over when slipping out of bed. A big bedroom may require a heavy-duty humidifier. Significantly, modifiers are used while placed anywhere in the room, except raised surfaces such as a cabinet or a table.

There exists a myriad of choices of humidifiers in the market for medium-sized bedrooms. It will be prudent to make the correct estimates of the bedroom’s size to choose the appropriate humidifier type. It is also good to reconsider the safety measures more so if you sleep with kids in your room.

Where to put a humidifier 

There are quite a several options when it comes to choosing the place to position the humidifier. The best spots are at the wall position, provided the surface is stable and some few feet from your bed. Such a situation reduces the spread of germs and the risks of knocking down the gadget while asleep. However, it is prudent to establish some distance between the wall and the device for optimal functioning of the humidifier bearing in mind that some tools need adequate air circulation to operate well on where to put a humidifier. The humidifier provides them a more significant relief from the allergic feeling if you decide the best place where to put a humidifier.

You should at least place the humidifier on a stable platform and two feet off the ground. Placing it on the ground may cause an accident or lea to damage to the floor and furniture around the device. If you prefer putting the device on the basis, then you can use waterproof covering to protect essential materials from water spillage. Aware of the risks involved, it is wise to follow the manufacturer’s safety precautions. The safety guidelines help in identifying the level of safety and gaps to be worked on. Caution is of utmost importance, so stay safe as you try one.

Top 3 best humidifiers

3. Honeywell Black Germ-Free HCM350B Cool Mist Humidifier

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If you want the right humidifier for medium-sized rooms and bedrooms, go for this product from Honeywell. As an illustration, it comes with the UV technology that kills about 99.9% of bacteria in water. In the first place, it has the evaporative technology, which blows moisture away from the wicking filter, assisting it is evaporating into the air quickly.

Furthermore, there is a humidity level of 40-60% that makes the air feel warmer and improves breathing comfort, nasal congestion, dry skin, and sleeping. In the same fashion, it has the Protec Antimicrobial, which prohibits about 99.99% of the mold growth on a filter. What is more, this product has a monitor that displays relative temperature and humidity.

Main features

  • Comes with the UV technology
  • Has the evaporative technology
  • The humidity level of 40-60%
  • Has the Protec Antimicrobial
  • Has the monitor
Pros Cons
Easy to cleanThe filter gets mucked up quickly
Easy to maintain
It is very quiet

Our Rating:

4.3 out of 5.0 stars

2. LEVOIT White Ultrasonic Whisper-Quiet Air Humidifier

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This product from LEVOIT isoutstanding because it offers warm mist and cool mist to relieve congestion, dry skin, sinus, allergies, colds, flu, and bloody noses. Notably, it has a built-in humidity sensor, which automatically adjusts the level of mist to maintain the comfortable humidity level, so you may set and then forget it. Equally important, it comes with a remote control that adjusts the settings in the center of a night without leaving your comfort of the bed.

Moreover, this model has a near-silent noise level and a display-off feature, which helps you sleep the entire night comfortably. You can now moisturize the skin and reduce the static electricity in the house with the help of the cool mist function. Typically, this product help to alleviate cough or congestion by keeping the nasal passages and throat hydrated.

Main features

  • Has a built-in humidity sensor
  • Convenient remote control
  • Near-silent noise level
  • Has a display-off feature
  • Cool mist function
Poor customer serviceNon
Improve the sleep
Moisturize the skin
Relieves allergies

Our Rating:

4.4 out of 5.0 stars

1. TaoTronics Auto Shut-off LED Display Quiet Operation Humidifier

Image Source: @ Amazon

You can now achieve a quiet operation in your bedroom with this model from TaoTronics because it is incredibly silent. In detail, it has 38 dB of noise, which is perfect for the baby for it to ensure a disturbance-free sleep at night. On the other hand, there is a built-in humidistat that tells you a current RH.

Subsequently, it comes with the nightlight and sleep mode, which give the options to either enter the sleep mode or turn on a nightlight. In the same way, there is the microporous cartridge that filters the water from bad odor and micro-organisms. Even more, it has an auto shut off mode, which turns off automatically when the tank is elevated or waterless.

Main features

  • Has 38 dB of noise
  • There is a built-in humidistat
  • Nightlight and sleep mode
  • There is the microporous cartridge
  • Auto shut off mode
Is very cheapIs very cheap
Offer better breathing
Amazing customer service
Easy to clean

Our Rating:

4.7 out of 5.0 stars


How far should the humidifier be from your bed become the most common question any people have. This should be determined using the hygrometer device, which can determine the exact distance. It can be possible if you position it with the low humidity. However, there are many humidifiers in the market and it can be a challenge to get the right one. With the above products you are sure of getting the right models. For instance, they have the built-in humidistat that tells you the current RH.