The air mattress is a large rectangular rubber or a plastic bag that you can fill with gas to lie in water or use it as a bed. It is used to prevent injuries related to pressure. Generally speaking, air mattresses can provide comfort at all basic levels. High Blood Pressure is usually a big problem in the health sector, especially for the elders who spend most of their time sitting or sleeping.

When the blood in a person decreases, the oxygen levels automatically go down, meaning that the cells will automatically begin to die. Air mattresses help in preventing such occurrences. When using different motions and designs, the air inside the mattress automatically stops the building up of pressure in the blood vessels slowing down any pressure-related injuries, promoting better air circulation in all vulnerable areas. It can be repaired using straightforward methods making sure that everyone uses the air mattress for an extended period. The air mattress can be made useless by just a tiny hole by sharp objects. Losing or disposing of such an inflatable bed can waste a lot of money. Fortunately, a leak can be adequately repaired when you already have all the supplies needed. The longer you will continue using the air mattress, which is damaged, the larger a hole is likely to enlarge, making it even harder to repair. During such occurrence, one needs to look for a patch for the air mattress. And how to patch an air mattress with super glue become a question to many people.

The following steps will direct on how to patch a hole in an air mattress

Step 1: Tightly press the inflated air bed while listening to the leak

To locate the leak in the mattress, you need to start by gently applying a little pressure to the mattress with your hand and listen very carefully. Beginning from the bottom part, you need to inflate the bed to guess the leaks are more likely to occur. It will automatically produce a quiet and hissing sound, without lying on the bed to listen as it can make the whole even larger. You will be required to do that all way around the whole mattress until you find the source of the hissing sound, then notes the spot with a marker before deflating. This will make you ensure the air is not leaking to the inflated air bed.

Step 2: If you want to know how to patch an air mattress with super glue, attempt locating the leak using a moisture test

Typically, if you fail to locate the leak by listening, make your hands wet or damp. Using your wet hands or arms, you need to pass an inch or even two inches away from the mattress, starting from the bottom going to the top. At the source of the leak, you will automatically hear a cool burst. Then note the area with a marker before deflating your bed. Patching air mattress is not so hard if this process is followed very carefully and you will finally get the right solution.

Step 3: On the other, if you want to know how to patch an air mattress with super glue, identify the leak using foam or soap bubbles

In this case, you need to mix a few drops of soap in a basin of water and put it in a relatively small spray bottle. Select small sections, spray the soap solution on the inflated mattress and press it down very gently. The escaping air will automatically cause the soap bubbles to form, especially where the hole is located. Then note the area with a marker before deflating the entire bed

Step 4: Clean the hole

In this process, you need to clean a very small area around the leak and extend one inch or beyond where your patch will be positioned with a little diluted cleaner for all purposes as well as a lint-free piece of cloth. After that, dry the area thoroughly using another dry piece of cloth If you note your mattress has a suede-like flocking area, you need to remove the texture by thoroughly moistening the area using fine-grit sandpaper, and then you clean the sanded area.  Automatically giving you a smooth or even surface for the glue to bond easily.

Step 5: How to patch a hole in an air mattress using a seal and a suitable sealant

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If you bought your air mattress with a patch for air mattress, all you need to do is use that patch to repair the hole. One can also purchase the patch kits at the local merchandisers or online. You can also use a bicycle as a repair kit as a patch for an air mattress, and the job will be done as well. You can again try to use thin plastic material or a curtain liner. You need to cut the patch about a half-inch and apply super glue, gorilla glue, rubber, or contact cement on the hand. Then do the process of patching the air mattress hole using a sticky piece of plastic, press it down very firmly in a circular way to remove all the air bubbles, and then finally use a tight seal in between the patch the mattress.

Step 6: Test the patch

It would be best if you had to put a weight of at least 10 pounds or more on the glued patch for at least 8 hours or more. You will automatically be sure that all the patch sticks. Also, it is essential to make sure that the adhesive bottle adheres to its recommendation. At the end of all this you will have tested the patch.

Step 7: Remove the weight and inflate

Immediately after the glue has dried, you need to remove the weight and inflate the bed again and sprinkle an appropriate amount of talc or baby powder on the patched air mattress. Also, slowly press the mattress down, and if the powder fly’s you reapply the patch for the process of patching the air mattress to be completed appropriately.

How to patch an air mattress with superglue

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  1. Take sandpaper and then sand away gently the area with the hole. In this case, only use super fine sandpaper.
  2. The next step is to prepare the patch using any plastic table cover or a bicycle tire.
  3. Apply the super glue all over the leak area. At this point, you are supposed to apply the superglue to a patch and then cover the whole room with a lot of glue to ensure the patch stick to the surface of the air mattress. Put some pressure on the bed and apply the patch. Make sure that you leave at least one centimeter of the material around the leak as a process of patching the air mattress.
  4. Put a cumbersome object on top of the patch for air mattress for 8 hours. It usually takes the glue a few minutes to dry but leaving it for a long time ensures that it adheres to the mattress.

After purchasing an air mattress, the next thing you need to do is to know how to patch the air mattress with super glue since such beds are prone to wear and tear. To effectively learn how to patch a hole in the air mattress, you need to understand that air mattress loses their air naturally. It is important to note that no air mattress can indefinitely hold the air. It is the cold air that makes the bed shrink automatically. Usually, the house cools down at night time, and the air mattress will automatically soften a little bit. The work of a space heater is to prevent such occurrences. Searching for leaks can be challenging, and some valves release the air out of the mattress.

Top 2 bestpatch for air mattress

2. TEAR-AID Vinyl Patch for air mattress

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This product from TEAR-AID provides an easy and straightforward method of patching tears and holes and the best protective film solution. In particular, it has an exceptionally tough and matte finish, which is abrasion-resistant and elastomer, resisting tearing and puncture. More importantly, there is the oil that causes adhesive to turn gummy, lose bond, and gooey.

Additionally, it comes with the inhibitor, which blocks the oil found in the vinyl resulting in long-lasting repair. Flexibility enables the patch to adapt to the irregular surfaces without restricting any movement of a repaired material. Also, it has a reinforcement filament that helps to improve tears at the edges.

Main features

  • Exceptionally tough and matte finish
  • It has oil
  • Comes with the inhibitor
  • Has the reinforcement filament
Pros Cons
Easy to useInstructions not clear
Easy to apply
Perfect for a light-duty repair

Our Rating:

4.2 out of 5.0 stars

1. TEAR-AID Type-A Fabric Patch

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If you are looking for a model, which is easy and straightforward to patch holes and tears, then go for this product from TEAR-AID.  Namely, it is UV resistant that prevents yellowing for many years, and a see-thru feature that works on any color. In a like manner, it offers instant adhesion with no glue, no mess, and no sewing. 

Besides, there is an exceptionally tough and matte finish, abrasion-resistant, and elastomer, which resists tearing and puncture. The reinforcement filament, on the other hand, helps to repair tears at the edges. Above all, it has a dimension of 3″ x 5.5″ x 1.25″ and comes with the alcohol prep pads.

Main features

  • It is UV resistant
  • Offer the instant adhesion
  • Tough and matte finish
  • Has the reinforcement filament
  • Dimension of 3″x 5.5″x 1.25″
It is water resistanceDoesn’t gel with a fabric
Easy to use
It is durability
Easy to apply

Our Rating:

4.3 out of 5.0 stars


It is good to check whether the valves are holding the air tightly fixed if you want to the patch in the air mattress. And if you know that the air is escaping, it is crucial to call the manufacturer for a replacement since the valves cannot easily be repaired at home. If the manufacturer is not available, you need to know how to patch an air mattress with superglue. However,you need to look for the best patch for air mattress that work well for the air mattress. With the above products you are sure of patching your mattress without any struggle.