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If you have any type of backyard, chances are you need a garden hose. Garden hoses are one of the many essential items for a home. They can be used to water your lawn, wash your car, and allow your kids to enjoy a slip n’ slide or run around in the sprinkler. Since they’re such a universal, essential tool for most homeowners, having the right garden hose is important.

Below we’re gone through the best water hoses for gardens and high-pressure garden hoses as well.

Things to Consider

The most important thing to consider when looking to purchase a garden hose is the length of the hose. Consider how big your yard is or what you want to use your garden hose for and base your search on that.

It’s also important to consider the amount of storage space you have. A lot of garden hoses collapse into much smaller. This allows you to purchase a 100 ft water hose even if you don’t normally have the space to store a 100 ft water hose.

Below we’ve included our top garden hoses that are on the market today in a variety of different lengths to help you find the right one for you.

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Different Types of Garden Hoses

Metal Garden Hoses

Metal or stainless steel garden hoses are more ideal for absorbing any vibration, is able to correct any misalignment, great for thermal expansion as well. It’s much better at avoiding any of those annoying kinks and you can rest assured that you’re not going to get a hole in it and start leaking.

Metal garden hoses are typically more expensive than other styles but are built to last. If you would like to learn more about metal garden hoses and find the best ones on the market today, check out our post here.

Collapsible Garden Hose

Collapsible garden hoses are a combination of the best aspects of metal garden hoses and traditional plastic garden hoses. Typically these garden hoses are made from layers of latex that are leak-proof, kink-proof and tangle-proof like metal garden hoses are. They’re more affordable than most metal garden hoses and are most similarly priced to the traditional, plastic style garden hose.

Collapsible garden hoses are also ideal if you need to save space. A 100 ft water hose is able to collapse in less than 17 ft with a collapsible design making it great to store in your garage, Outside, or workshed.

Traditional Plastic Garden Hose

Traditional plastic garden hoses are a popular choice when it comes to watering your garden or washing your car. Traditional plastic garden hoses are more readily available and are an affordable option. However, since they’re plastic, after a year or more, traditional garden hoses tend to have been thrown out. Plastic garden hoses also face a variety of problems from constant kinks, leaks to eventually bursting depending on the water pressure.

Looking for more information on how to find the right garden hose for you? We enjoy this video from Garden Answer: Tips for choosing the Right Garden Hose.



The Best Garden Hoses

5. TBI Pro Expandable Garden Hose

TBI Pro Expandable Garden Hose

If you’re looking for something that works great, is very powerful, but also hardly takes up any space, this TBI Pro Expandable Garden Hose is the perfect match for you. Measuring 50 ft long, this garden hose coils up to a compact circle, hardly taking up any room outside, in your garage or workshed. It’s designed with four-layers of latex to expand and contract without ripping or puncturing. It has extremely sturdy brass connectors and you’re able to hook up your pressure nozzle for your garden hose and the TBI Pro will handle it without any problems.

We love that this garden hose high pressure also comes with a free spray nozzle, strong brass connectors, and a two-way splitter.

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

4. VIENECI 100ft Garden Hose

VIENECI 100ft Garden Hose

This garden hose is a long 100 ft water hose that’s great for cleaning your car, watering your garden or anything of the sort. With being a 100 ft water hose, the VIENCI hose is absolutely wonderful if you have a large backyard or for big jobs. With its brass connectors that withstand low and high-pressure, the VIENECI 100 ft garden hose is known to be a “bulletproof” product that will last you a long time.

This hose comes with a free nine-function spray nozzle, is double-layered with a heavy-duty latex core to avoid punctures, and is kink-resistant. It’s able to fold up to about 33 ft long instead of being a 100 ft garden hose and is just as durable if not more than even a metal garden hose.

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

3. Flexi Hose Lightweight Expandable Garden Hose

Flexi Hose Lightweight Expandable Garden Hose

Available in either 50 ft or 75ft option this Flexi Hose is a lightweight and expandable garden hose option. It’s one of the top-rated options on Amazon today with over 4,500 positive reviews and is made from the highest-quality materials and latest design technology to make it easy to maneuver while always avoiding any kinks or tangles.

Leaks are also a thing of the past with the ¾” brass connectors and double latex pipe to ensure that the hose is completely leak proof. The Flexi Hose can handle up to 12 bars of water pressure and temperatures up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. With it’s flexible and super lightweight design, the Flexi Hose is a great water hoses for your garden.

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

2. GrowGreen Garden Hose

GrowGreen Garden Hose

This GrowGreen Garden Hose is available in 25 ft all the way to 100 ft water hose. It’s designed to be space-efficient with starting out very short and expanding up to three times the size when it gets water flowing through it. As soon as the water stops, the hose will return back to its small size. If you’re looking to make your life easier, this hose is marketed directly to you. It will never tangle, twist or kink. It’s incredibly compact and easy to store and even comes with an eight pattern, high-pressure hose spray nozzle.

Rust and corrosion are a thing of the past with all brass connectors being extremely durable. With just listed under $30, in our opinion, you can’t go wrong with the GrowGreen Garden Hose.

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

1. Flexzilla Garden Hose

Flexzilla Garden Hose

The Flexzilla garden hose is a ⅝” thick garden hose that is 25 ft long. It’s lightweight and can be used for anything from watering your garden, washing your cars, filling water tanks, or even drinking out of it with its food-grade design. It’s made from a polymer blend material that keeps this hose one of the most durable garden hoses on the market today. It can even withstand temperatures from 40-140 degrees Fahrenheit allowing you to leave it outside without having to worry about it.

The anodized aircraft aluminium fittings are strong and can be exposed to high pressure without a problem. So you can add a pressure nozzle for the garden hose and not have to worry about it bursting or leaking. With the great reviews on Amazon, this garden hose from Flexzilla is a fantastic option.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars


We hoped this post not only taught you important information between the different types of garden hoses on the market today but helped you narrow down what type of garden hose may be the right one for you.

With our selection of the best garden hoses, we’re sure that if you were to purchase any of those five garden hoses above, you would be more than happy with the quality, functionality, and design.