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Unless you live in Antarctica or a place where it rarely gets hot, you’re probably well aware of the cooling awesomeness of an outdoor fan with mister. A godsend for outdoor gatherings or just relaxing outside, with a misting fan you won’t need to move the party indoors when the outside heat gets too intense. Plus, say goodbye to the pesky flies and mosquitos or dust particles that can also put the kibosh on hanging out in your patio or backyard.

Simply put, outdoor fans with misters combine a powerful fan with a misting system to produce a soothing cooling effect. A high-pressure pump takes water from a water source and blows it through multiple nozzles into a fine mist. Depending on the humidity level and the fan’s design, a single misting fan can bring the air temperature down by as much as 25 degrees to 30 degrees. While its cooling effect works best in low humidity conditions, many types of misting fans work just as well in high humidity.

When it comes to selecting an outdoor misting fan, there’s a lot to consider. Need to cover a broad swath of space? Or perhaps you want something handheld and portable? Want something that can be used indoors with the mister turned off? So many questions! Let’s take a look at things to consider when shopping for an outdoor misting fan. After that, we’ll review some of our recent favorites.

Type of Misting Fan

The type of outdoor misting fan you choose will of course be based on your needs, but there are three different fan types:

Floor standing (or pedestal oscillating fan): The most common type of misting fan, standalone floor fans are easily adjustable, making them perfect for large spaces.

Wall mounted: Small and compact, wall-mounted misting fans distribute air and mist evenly without getting in the way. A wall-mounted fan sources water from its own tank, which needs to be filled manually.

Handheld: Small and compact, portable misting fans offer cooling relief when you’re on the go. Perfect for camping or road trips. They’re generally powered by batteries, USB, or standard electrical outlets.


When shopping for an outdoor misting fan, it will be important to take into consideration the size of the area you want to cool. If the mist airflow is not powerful enough you won’t get the desired cooling effect; too powerful and you could get drenched. Large spaces demand large fans, and vice versa, so choose an outdoor misting fan with enough cooling power for the coverage area. Which bring us to:

Airflow Power

How much space your fan can cover will be determined by the power of the airflow the fan produces. Fan airflow is measured in Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM). CFM tells you how much air your fan can move in a minute when at the fan’s highest speed. Most outdoor misting fans can range from 200 CFM for smaller spaces to over 5000 CFM for larger spaces.

Size and Design

Quite simply, the bigger the fan, the broader and more efficient its range of coverage will be. Conversely, compact and handheld versions are available for smaller spaces. Again, this will be a personal choice based on your individual needs. As well, the number of blades also determines the size of the area the fan will cover.

Blade Considerations

Fan blades are one of the more important factors in cooling large areas. As you might think, larger diameter fan blades will be able to produce much more air than smaller fan blades and are essential for filling big spaces. Also, look for models that come with a rotating or oscillating fan head that allows air current to be better directed over a wide area.

Construction Quality

Since its likely to spend most of its time outdoors in all sorts of weather, the quality of the building materials is important. Plastic models are lighter and more affordable. Metal models are more durable, but they can be pricey. Your budget could make the decision here, but in this case, spending more for durable materials is money well spent.

Water Storage

Outdoor misting fan with attached water reservoirs need to be refilled manually but they’re easily portable. Tankless misting fans receive water directly from a tap through a hose and never need to be refilled, so it can be used for an extended time. This option makes the tankless version the most popular with consumers.

Whether standing on the floor, mounted to a wall, or handheld, we found a lot of outdoor misting fans we liked. Here are some that we recommend:

Top Misting Fans

#7 Handfan Handheld Misting Fan

Bring the chill with you with the lightweight and portable HandFan Handheld Misting Fan. Its ergonomic design is foldable up to 180 degrees, and when folded, easily slips into a bag or pocket. Its three speeds and 6 fan blades mean it pushes a nice amount of air and mist. And if you like making a statement, you’ll love the 7 different LED colors with quick button switch. With a strong 4.6 m/s wind speed, you’ll enjoy the cool misting breeze from 2 meters away. Light and compact, the HandFan Handheld Misting Fan is perfect for on-the-go lifestyles.


Pros Cons
Good Battery LifeFine Mist
Solid ConstructionNot Effective in Extreme Heat
6 Fan Blades


Our Rating:

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

#6 Canary Products Intelligent 16-Inch Standing Oscillating Misting Fan

We found a lot to like with the Canary Products Intelligent 16-Inch Standing Misting Fan. Let’s start with the three modes of misting function and the three operating modes. The automatic switch off timer is a great feature, as is the wheeled base that makes moving this fan really easy. Easy setup and assembly, a flexible oscillating head, 3 fan blades, and a quiet motor all combine with an attractive price point to make the Canary Products Intelligent Standing Misting Fan an outdoor misting fan worthy of your consideration.

Pros Cons
Wheels Made It Easy to MoveAssembly Is Challenging
Auto-Off Timer
3 Operating Modes


Our Rating:

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

#5 OEMTOOLS 23979 30-Inch Pedestal Oscillating Misting Fan

If you like the OEMTOOLS 24-inch wall-mounted misting fan we’ll review later, you’ll love the OEMTOOLS 23979 30-Inch Pedestal Oscillating Misting Fan. It delivers the same power, features, and durability as that wall-mounted unit, except on a bigger scale. It’s 30-inch blades, powerful 3-speed motor, and oscillating feature push big amounts of air into large spaces, offering maximum cooling coverage. We especially liked its durability; its steel body and aluminum blades are strong and sturdy, while a IP44 water-resistance rating helps it deal easily with moisture. So many excellent features are typical of the OEMTOOLS products, and that’s no different with the OEMTOOLS 23979 30-Inch Pedestal Oscillating Misting Fan, a standing fan of true distinction.


Pros Cons
3 Speed MotorHeavy
Motor is Water Resistant
Strong Airflow


Our Rating:

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

#4 OPOLAR Handheld Misting Fan

With its unpretentious compact design, the OPOLAR Handheld Misting Fan is a no-nonsense handheld fan that’s perfect for a picnic table or office desk or brought with you to the beach or a sporting event. The foldable handle makes it portable as well as versatile. It is powered by either a powerful 2200mAh rechargeable battery or a USB cable; both of which come included. We liked the 3 speeds and 2 modes of spraying, and the large 55ml water tank built into the handle; larger than any other handheld fan we’ve seen. Plus, the blades come in a choice of two colors. At a very competitive price, the OPOLAR Handheld Misting Fan is a compact handheld misting fan with powerful cooling capabilities.

Pros Cons
Foldable HandleNoisy at Maximum Speed
Adjustable Wind DirectionMist Must Be Manually Activated


Our Rating:

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

#3 OEMTOOLS 23980 24-inch Misting Wall Mount Oscillating Fan

If you’re looking for wall-mounted power, here’s the OEMTOOLS 23980 24″ Misting Wall-Mount Oscillating Fan. It features a 3-speed, 1P44 water-resistant motor that can handle tough outdoor conditions, and its wide 3 fan blades produce an airflow of about 7200FM. We thought the adjustable angle hinge at the back was a nice touch. It comes with mounting hardware and setup is a snap. We especially appreciate how the OEMTOOLS 23980 24″ Misting Wall-Mount Oscillating Fan delivers big-time cooling and misting power without being underfoot. Plus, an attractive price point that won’t break your budget!

Pros Cons
Powerful MotorTricky to Install
Excellent Misting CapacityBad Packaging
Quiet MotorProne to Vibration


Our Rating:

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

#2 MistCooling Inc. High Velocity Outdoor Misting Fan

With the MistCooling Inc. High Velocity Outdoor Misting Fan, you’re guaranteed to bring high-powered cooling relief to the hottest of patio gathering. This 18-inch outdoor rated high-velocity fan comes with a four-nozzle stainless misting ring. The powerful 3-speed option helps deliver the velocity. We liked the durable corrosion-resistant finish and the sturdy industrial-grade aluminum blades. It comes with a 4-nozzle stainless steel misting ring that efficiently blows cooling mist. To ensure durability, the fan is equipped with corrosion resistant finish along with an OSHA approved grill and industrial grade aluminum blades. While a tad on the pricey side, the MistCooling Inc. High Velocity Outdoor Misting Fan delivers industrial-strength cooling power!

Pros Cons
3-Speed OptionCan Be Noisy
Sturdy Aluminum Blades
4 Nozzle Misting Ring


Our Rating:

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

#1 Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan

Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan

There’s a lot to love with the floor-mounted Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan. For a smallish fan it packs big power and we really liked the three-speed option. We were also impressed with the pivoting head that directs airflow and allows mist to be blown to a wide angle. The fan is sturdy and designed to be rust, UV, and weather resistant. Plus, we really liked the generous 9-foot hose that connects the fan to a water source. These are just a few of the reasons the Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan consistently ranks as one of the highest rated fans out there. Like we said, what’s not to love?

Pros Cons
Powerful MotorNoisy Mist Nozzle
3 Speeds
Weather, UV, and Rust Resistant


Our Rating:

5.0 out of 5.0 stars